Sunday, October 08, 2006


1. Every day at noon we hear a series of loud BOOMS. It is a company that is exploding landmines near my neighorhood - it is also how we know when it is lunchtime.

2. I recently met a guy who studied at my university, in my program, but graduated a year before me. He is studying Arabic while he is Kabul, because he wants to work in the Middle East, even though he doesn't speak a word a Dari.

3. I'm living is what is one of the most infamously conservative Islamic countries in the world, yet in my bathroom next to the toilet I find book titled, "A Portrait of Jesus," left by my fundamentalist Christian roommate in the hopes of converting me (I assume).

4. I recently saw a sign advertising a computer store in my neighborhood. It said, "We have hardwars and softwars".

**I will continue to add to these as I am inspired . . .
***Pic is of myself and my brothers on vacation this summer


WD to Evers to Chance said...

That is just a great picture. It really inspires faith in those representing the U.S. around the world. =) I suppose it fits in with the nature of your post, though.

And those are kind of absurd. Are the exploding landmines from your neighborhood? Or are they just brought there to be exploded?

How do you think books about jesus would go over at MillerStock??

Anonymous said...

Its meshari. That is a pretty funny quote. I like the pic by the way