Friday, November 24, 2006


My eight days in Almaty were a whirlwind of work, sleep depravation and fun.

High Points:
  • Walking around. Something I don't get to do much of in Kabul.
  • Being praised by my boss for designing and giving the best presentation during the strategic planning sessions.
  • Hanging out with Jenny and Ian who were in Almaty from the DC office.
  • Gorging myself on the homemade cookies that Gavi's mom sent from the US, via Ian.
  • Watching Kazakh music videos.
  • Eating pepperoni pizza, having an American style brunch complete with bacon, going out to bars with the Kazakh staff and drinking micro brews.
  • Using the hotel laundry service, which includes dryers (my jeans shrunk back down to size).
  • Not having to worry about being culturally inappropriate.
  • Not wearing a headscarf!
***Pics in order: Soviet statue in the downtown park of Almaty; Cathedral in the same park; Ian and Igor (DC bonding with Kazakh staff) at Murphy's Pub; Nathan and I on our way into the same pub; DC staff participating in the local custom of toasting with vodka; me enjoying one of the cranberry and white chocolate cookies sent to Nathan and I from the US (Gavi's mom is the best EVER).


Anonymous said...


How can you have an American Brunch? Americans dont have brunch. Silly sister.


Doug said...

Dude. You've got to tell Nathan to lay off the silly hats. I mean, it's really getting out of hand.

Great pictures, as always!