Monday, February 05, 2007

Holiday Countdown

Tashi, on the way to the vet

Tashi, in the sideview mirror

Dogs boarded at the vet

Well, life in Kabul has been fairly uneventful. We took the dogs to the vet - there was an adorable little puppy there that I wanted to bring home with me, but I resisted...

Things are heating up in the south, but have stayed pretty quiet here. Two exciting things happened on Monday (1) Betsy came back from her 6 weeks in the US (2) my mom sent me a care package!

Honestly, Monday was like Christmas day for me. Santa Betsy somehow telepathically knew about my desire to try yoga, and she brought me a yoga mat and a dvd, and no, she doesn't read my blog. My mother defied all the laws of physics and somehow managed to send me 3 sweaters, 5 shirts, a pair of jeans, winter boots, medicine and a variety of other things in one small box. She practically doubled my entire wardrobe (keep in mind I originally came here for 3 months, and they were not winter months). I've been making due with 2 long sleeved shirts, 1 cardigan and sweaters I borrowed from Betsy.

The package came just in time because I'm leaving for Dubai on Wednesday. I'm going to spend two days there with my dad who is flying over from Kuwait and then I'm heading to Beirut and Damascus to see friends (and drink and go dancing and get a hair cut). I'm beyond excited - I can't wait to walk around, to go places by myself, use my Arabic and wear scarves around my neck instead of my head! Just keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing happens in Beirut - at least not until I've already entered the country... This will be my first break in 5 months, and I've been counting down for the last two weeks at least. If Hizbullah screws this up for me I'll track Nasrallah down myself and express my displeasure!

So, stay tuned for pictures from my mini-break.

Still no news on the job - I probably won't find anything out until March.


Michael said...


My name is Michael, and I have truly enjoyed reading through your blog tonight. Thank you for putting it on the web! I am a grad student in DC studying International Development, and as summer is approaching, I am trying to figure out where I should go for my summer internship. I heard from an NGO in Kabul saying I can work with them...and now as the prospect of going seems more real, I am trying read more about what it is like there. I'm wondering most I guess about security, espcially given the increase in violence in border regions. Also, you mentioned in one of your entries about being a development worker, but not really being able to interact with the local community. That is one thing that has been on my mind a lot lately. What exactly is your contact like with the local population? A main reason for me to go into this line of work is to work directly with the people I am working with, but I am hearing that that may not always be possible in insecure enviornments.
Anyways, thank you again, and if you have sometime, feel free to write me a message, I'd love to hear more about what it is really like there as I decide whether to really come in a few months time.
My email address is


Meshari said...

I hope the whole Yoga thing works out for you. I miss you lots sahar. I'll see you in april!

Your little bro,