Monday, March 05, 2007

NATO Bomb Kills 9 Afghan Civilians

Today US NATO forces dropped 2 bombs on a family's compound killing 5 children, 3 women and 1 man, all of the same family. NATO forces claim they dropped the bomb after 3 men who had been launching rockets at a PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) base ran into the compound. Of course, this is after yesterday's ISAF disaster when 10 Afghan civilians were killed by US troops when they opened fire after a suicide attack. Yesterday, the body count was 16, but today it has dropped to 10. Interestingly, the ISAF troops confiscated journalists cameras and deleted footage after yesterday's shooting outside of Jalalabad.

Thousands of people protested after yesterday's disaster, but things seem to be fairly quiet after today's civilian death toll. The calm before the storm? Tribal leaders from the districts effected by yesterday's shooting are coming to Kabul to meet with Karzai about the event on Saturday - rumor has it that demonstrations will hold off until the results from the meeting are know. If the results aren't satisfactory to the tribal leaders, violent protests are expected...

I heard that the UN declared "White City" today in Kabul - the second time since I've been here. This means UN staff are on restricted movement. Another rumor says that 25 suicide bombers have infiltrated Kabul city, and that their target is ministry buildings. I didn't leave my little neighborhood today, but co-workers said police and military were out in force today. The ministries are off limit for our staff until after tomorrow.

The tension is rising in Kabul, but it isn't anywhere near the feeling in the city Friday before last, when everyone was expecting violent protests. International forces are clinging to a slippery slope, and the events of the last few days have made their footing even more treacherous. Hopefully things will be quiet tomorrow.


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